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You work hard to take care of yourself-so Nature's Bounty takes care of you and lets you get fish oil from trusted sources!

We source selected fish oils in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way directly from Peru-just look for the Pure-Catch ™ logo on the label. We came to Peru because the Peruvian government has strict standards and governance of the surrounding waterways to ensure the protection of fish. Because Peru ’s fisheries are produced in summer and winter, fish is an important resource in Peru. They attach great importance to them and protect them beyond their scope. Peru's fisheries also adhere to strict quality regulations, allowing us to ensure that we provide our customers with premium Omega-3 fish oil.

You can trust that when we purchase raw materials, we will do our best to maintain the protection of marine living resources. The Institute of Oceanography (IMARPE) is a recognized world-class authority that works with the Peruvian government to manage and control fish populations living along waterways. During the fishing process, they use a small and effective fleet; no facility may receive fish from the vessel without a valid permit. All Peruvian catches are carefully inspected for rigorous quality control. This is how we determine that our raw materials are the purest, freshest, and most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way.

Our Peruvian fish oil is a premium fish oil for you and your family. Peru-Fish Oil with the trademark Pure-Catch ™ is a premium, excellent fish oil for you and your family.
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