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Facts have proved that "people are as good as they eat" is correct.

The desire to have shiny skin and healthy hair depends on what we eat into the stomach. To this end, we ask experts about dietary tips for healthy skin and hair care.

Internal health, external light, "Your skin is an external reflection of your internal health," proposed by the authors of Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D, and "Eat Your Way to Happiness". As a registered dietitian, she advised us to peek into other people's shopping baskets while shopping. "We look just like the food we buy. Shopping baskets filled with white bread, donuts, soda drinks and potato chips are most likely to belong to people with seemingly unhealthy skin and hair," she said.

In contrast, people pushing healthy spiny hair filled with fresh spinach and strawberries, skimmed milk, whole wheat bread, fresh salmon, and beans are most likely. "People are as good as they eat," "What you eat affects your appearance, both now and in the future," she explained.
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