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Calcium Magnesium Zinc

100 Coated Caplets


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Why Choose Nature’s Bounty®:


High Absorbability, Stomach-Friendly

Minerals are chelated to enhance their solubility and absorbability. Using a mixture of the citrate and other organic salt forms of minerals allows for easier digestion in the stomach.

Three-in-One Formula

The ratio of calcium to magnesium, 2: 1, is the most beneficial ratio for the absorption and utilization of both without causing constipation; the addition of zinc maximizes the benefits of all three minerals.


Main Functions:

· Targeted to make up for the calcium deficiency common among Hong Kong residents¹

· Helps to improve bone density

· Essential element for children's bone and teeth development

· Improves discomforts such as back pain, leg pain, and cramping

· Relieves discomforts for women during menstruation such as puffiness and pain

· Enhances immunity


Recommended / Suitable For:

· Children and teens

· Calcium deficiency

· Sleeping problems

· Pregnancy

· Back muscle aches/soreness

· Menstrual discomforts

· Breastfeeding

· Tendency to cramp

· Weak immunity

· Elderly


Active ingredients:

Amount Per Serving (3 caplets): Calcium 1,000 mg, Magnesium 400 mg, Zinc 25 mg



/ For those above the age of 12, adults, pregnant, breastfeeding women or elderly

  Take 3 caplets daily, preferably with a meal.

/ For children above 3 years old

  Take 1 caplet daily, please mind the swallowing capability of children.

* For those with difficulty swallowing, the caplet can be melted in the mouth within 2 minutes.

Each bottle contains: 100 caplets


¹According to “The First Hong Kong Total Diet Study” issued by FEHD, over 97% population in Hong Kong do not consume enough calcium. The average dietary intake is 430mg, which is far lower than the Recommended Nutrient Intake established by WHO, 1000mg/day.