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Co-Q10 100mg (Plus L-Carnitine)

60 Rapid Release Softgels


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Why Choose Nature’s Bounty®:


Natural Co Q-10

Using premium quality cereal as raw material, the Co Q-10 is non-synthetically made.

Patented Technology Assisting Absorption

Using patented technology, Q-SORB™, Nature’s Bounty® Co Q-10 is more easily absorbed by the small intestines.

New Formula for Maximum Absorption

L-Carnitine has a complementary effect with coenzyme Co Q-10, which can maximize the absorption of Co Q-10.


Main Functions:

· Strengthens heart muscle, supports blood pumping function

· Promotes energy conversion, making you more energetic

· Anti-aging

· Stimulates fat metabolism, maintains fitness¹

· Suitable for those with blood pressure concerns*


Recommended / Suitable For:

· Blood pressure concerns*

· Elderly

· Physically demanding workers

· Slimming¹

· Frequent fatigue

· Office workers

Active ingredients:

Amount Per Serving (1 softgel): Q-SorbCoenzyme Q-10 100 mg, L-Carnitine 20 mg



/ For adults, take 1 softgel three times daily, preferably with meals.

Each bottle contains: 60 softgels